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Free, open-source and intelligent filesharing software

Get the files you want, super fast

Bounce makes it easy to download movies, music, TV, games or any other kind of file from the people around you, at ~10x the speed of BitTorrent. You can even choose to download files that aren't immediately available, by having your friends help us store copies of files you want.

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Version 0.9
Windows Vista, 7 & 8 (ClickOnce)
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Important notice: If you receive / have received the error message "Applications is improperly formatted", please uninstall Bounce from the Control Panel, and then re-install using the 'Download Installer' link above.

Free and open-source

Both our client and server software are completely free and open-source (MIT-licensed), so that you can take a look at our code and contribute. Send us a pull request, we'd love to have your input.

Designed for IIIT-Delhi

There are two kinds of students at IIIT-D: residents and day-scholars. We're bringing them together by making it easy for people in both camps to download stuff from each other. Our replication algorithm helps students who aren't normally online at the same time to easily share files. If you're craving more speed, plug in an ethernet cable and watch your transfer speeds skyrocket!

Looking to set up a Bounce server for your own campus or institutional network? Go right ahead, we'd be happy to help.


@raghavsethi, @navedalam, and @mayankpundir hated having to walk around with a hard drive asking friends for the latest Ubuntu image, so they built Bounce to do it for them. @digvijay91 joined the project team in March 2013.

We'd like to thank Dr. Pushpendra Singh and the IIIT-D MUC group, who made this possible.


Having trouble? Check out our help page, we’ll help you sort it out.