Funded Projects

Research Projects:

Currently funded proposals

    1. "Design and Development of a Mobile Device Centric Environment for Healthcare Delivery" (PI: Pushpendra Singh and co-PI: Amarjeet Singh, Vinayak Naik, Ponnurangam Kumaraguru); Prof. Meenu Singh (PGI, Chandigarh). Proposal is for 3 years, starting March 1, 2013, with funding amount approximately Rs 69,22,000.
    2. “Pervasive Sensing and Computing Technologies for Energy and Water Sustainability in Buildings” Joint Call for Pervasive Computing Proposals by DIT and NSF (PI: Amarjeet Singh and co-PI: Vinayak Naik, Pushpendra Singh and Prof. Pankaj Jalote (from India); Prof. Mani Srivastava, Prof. William J. Kaiser (US). Proposal is for 2 years, starting April 15, 2012, with funding amount approximately Rs 1,25,00,000 on Indian side and USD 300,000 on US side.
    3. "Use of Cell Phone for Detecting and Controlling Infectious Diseases” (PI: Vinayak Naik and co-PI Raja Sengupta, Deborah Estrin, Antonia Arnaert, and Amarjeet Singh) by National Geographic Society for 1 year with funding amount of approximately Rs 8,91,300
    4. “Intelligent Information Access on Low-end mobile phones" (PI: Vinayak Naik and Amarjeet Singh), by Microsoft Research for Rs 10,00,000
    5. “Development and Evaluation of Mobile Learning Techniques for Indian Masses" (PI: Pushpendra Singh),  by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India for Rs 5,11,000.
    6. “Mobile Innovation Laboratory at IIIT-Delhi" (PI: Vinayak Naik), by Nokia Research, Finland for Rs 6,51,670.
    7. “Exploratory research in Mobile Health" (PI: Vinayak Naik), by Nokia Research, Bangalore for Rs 7,45,308
    8. "WebMAP- Web based Mobile Architecture and Programming", Supported by Nokia Global University Grant, Rs 13,00,000 (PI Dr. S. RN. Reddy – IGIT, co-PI: Amarjeet Singh, IIIT Delhi and Prof. M. Balakrishnan, IIT Delhi)
    9. "Analysis of Ad-hoc Networks" (PI: Pushpendra Singh), supported by  DRDO, Rs 15,00,000

Consulting Projects:

  1. Successfully completed the consulting project from Iffco Kisaan Sanchar Limited (Duration 6 months, Amount App. Rs 5 Lakhs) for analyzing their voice based value added services for the farmers. (2011)

Laboratory Support:

  1. Atmel MCU Lab: Received 80 microcontroller hardware units (xMega-25, Dragon-30, EVK1100-25) from Atmel Corporation worth $6420 as part of Atmel University Program to setup Atmel MCU Lab at IIIT Delhi.