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Our group offers several internship positions every summer. Over the past two summers (2010 and 2011) our summer interns have done fabulous job. A brief description for each project undertaken during the past summers is given below.

Summer 2011

    • Correlating CPU core temperature with room temperature undertaken by Shubham Soni (NIT-A), Dhruv Bhardwaj (JIIT)
    • Interfacing the HVAC sensor node with Telos motes undertaken by Umangjeet Singh (MAIT, Delhi)
    • Studying the GPRS state in Delhi, undertaken by Srikanth (IIT Guwahati)
    • Development and enhancement of Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) System, undertaken by Pooja Taneja (JIIT), Ramjot Singh (IIIT Delhi)
    • Smarter room project aggregating data from multiple sensors in a room at a central location over Ethernet and controlling the devices thereof, undertaken by Keshav Agarwal (NIT-R), Maninder Singh (GTBIT), Pranav Sahay (NSIT) and Arjun Ahuja (IIIT Delhi)
    • Study of component level mobile phone battery usage, undertaken by Harish (IIT Guwahati) and Prateek Jassal (Amity)
    • Application for location based services using CBS, undertaken by Vaibhav Raheja (NSIT, Delhi)

Summer 2010

    • ​Route finder application for using public transport in Delhi (Disha), undertaken by Aman Sahni, Ashish, Stuti, Gaurav Saluja, Aman Gupta, Gaurav, Rohit Kishore, Siddhartha, Pratyush Tripathi (IIIT Delhi)
    • Auto fare application (RightFare) undertaken by Akshit Nanda, Naved Alam, Lakshay Pandey, Saloni Jain (IIIT Delhi)
    • Using local SMS gateway for Sana application, undertaken by Priyanshi Mittal (IIIT Delhi) and Tanvi Jindal (IIT Roorkee)
    • Porting Sana mobile frontend for Symbian environment, undertaken by Daksha, Apurv Mehra, Sanchit, Rushil (IIIT Delhi)
    • Routing voice call through local gateway using Asterisk, undertaken by Nikhil Shekhawat, Bhanu Verma (IIIT Delhi)
    • Installing and comparing different mHealth applications, undertaken by Ankit Kadam and Tanmay (IIIT Delhi)
    • Interfacing external device with mobile phone over Bluetooth, undertaken by Aditya Goyal (LNMIT Jaipur)
    • Relay interface with mobile phone over audio port, undertaken by Abhishek Bhardwaj (NSIT, Delhi)

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