WiFiShare:Sharing Files Seamlessly...

WiFiShare is an innovative mobile app which enables adhoc file transfer between two or more android phones. It uses wireless hotspot technology provied by today's phones to do file transfer and does not depend on any intermediary infrastructure. Using WiFiShare, files are transferred in few steps with a transfer speed of 1.5-2.5 MBps. We have built two different apps to cover nearly all Android based phones:

1. WiFiShare : Works on all versions of Android 2.3 and beyond.(See Video)

2. WiFiShare (Client only) : Works on Android 1.6 and beyond.(See Video)

To transfer files among phones, at least one of them should have WiFiShare (i.e. Android 2.3 or beyond).

For any queries/suggestions, please email kuldeep [AT] iiitd.ac.in

About Us

This project is part of research efforts at Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing Group (MUC) @ IIIT-Delhi. Team members includes:

1. Vartika Srivastava (Graduate Student, IIIT-Delhi)

2. Pankaj Singhal (Undergraduate Student, LNMIIT) - Summer Intern @ IIIT-Delhi

3. Kuldeep Yadav (PhD Student, IIIT-Delhi)

4. Vinayak Naik (Assistant Professor, IIIT-Delhi)

5. Amarjeet Singh (Assistant Professor, IIIT-Delhi)